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“Don’t be afraid to say what you want.” Meet Ksenija Vucinic, Lead Structural Engineer at Lloyd's Register. Filmed for the Women in LR video series

“I want a positive work-life balance; with Lloyd’s Register, I will.” Meet Cristel Lopez, Senior Surveyor and Cataluña Area Coordinator for Lloyd's Register Energy. Filmed for the Women in LR video series.

“Problems are just there to be solved.” Meet Fiona Clark, Manager of Compliance Projects. Filmed for the Women in LR video series.

Meet Teresa Souto, S.A. Technical Manager at Lloyd's Register España.Filmed for the Women in LR video series.

Belinda Davidson, QMS Assessor for LRQA, describes the challenging and rewarding nature of a career at Lloyd's Register as well as what she enjoys most about her role with LRQA.

Meet David Derrick, UK Business Centre Manager for LRQA. David chats about the team-oriented working environment at LR, the conviction with which the organization holds to its values and the positive impact this has on company culture.

Meet Henriette Weijs, Management Systems Manager for Lloyd's Register Marine. Henriette discusses the global nature of Lloyd's Register, from her progression from the LR Graduate Scheme to working in China, the Middle East, Africa and the UK, to her day-to-day contact with colleagues throughout Asia and the Americas.

Meet Bruce McDonald, Statutory Lead Specialist for Lloyd's Register Marine. Bruce talks about doing something that matters, opportunities to travel and work abroad and the unique structure and working environment of Lloyd's Register.

Meet Richard Crute-Morris, UK Head of Technical Management for LRQA. Richard talks about the 'familial feel' of life at LR, the clear opportunities for career progression and the variety of work day-to-day.