Shaping the future


Delivering solutions today

Lloyd's Register draws on its heritage of fresh, innovative thinking in response to new technologies and operating challenges

It brings with it LR Senergy, a global exploration, production and energy services consultancy, which is now a fully integrated company of LR. LR has added the capability of ModuSpec, Scandpower, WEST Engineering, ODS and Human Engineering.

Our Strategic Priorities

Strengthen core business

Resilient growth in all core markets and extension into geographies with high-potential growth opportunities

Build sustainable growth by extending our portfolio

An extended portfolio of services in four interconnected areas: physical asset and cyber integration, low-carbon and asset-lifecycle management, connected global supply chains, and human asset management

Preferred partner of choice

A proactive, market led, customer-focused organisation which strives to deliver higher value to clients, underpinned by technical excellence

Data-centric engineers; digitally enabled

Harnessing and analysing data to provide our clients with rich management information and innovative decision making tools

Operational excellence through being technology-enabled and agile

An integrated, efficient and agile organisation, enabled by technology to drive excellent service delivery

Influencing our world

A proactive approach to access new and existing markets for new business through greater market influence

Exceptional people who live our values

Empowered, collaborative, competent experts who are driven to succeed and learn quickly in challenging environments.

What we Offer to our Clients

Social Business

Social business Safety has been at the heart of our work since 1760 and we invest our time, money and resources to help fulfil our mission, through our everyday activities and by generating profits that help fund the Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

Technical Expertise

Our reputation for technical excellence relies on the skills, knowledge and experience of our employees. We are at the forefront of understanding the application of new science and technology to future-proof our clients’ businesses, harnessing and analysing data to provide our clients with rich management information and innovative decision making tools.


Our independence from government and beneficial shareholders means that we can provide reliable, impartial and informed advice that you can trust, free from compromise, free from prejudice.

Breadth of Service

Our compliance, assurance and performance services provide clients with confidence through the asset lifecycle and across the supply chain.

Global Reach

LR has a truly global view, with 8,000 employees based in 195 offices worldwide – closer to clients and closer to market. We are uniquely placed to understand and provide commentary on issues and trends in local markets, from a global viewpoint.