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Security Consultant - Accelerator Scheme

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Date: 09-Jan-2021

Location: Leamington Spa, WAR, GB

Company: Lloyds Register

Security Consultant Accelerator Programme / Ethical Hacking / Graduate Programme


Job Description:

A Unique Experience… You will be part of a team starting a journey within one of the most intensely exciting, technically driven, growing industries around! Nettitude’s Accelerator Programme offers incredible opportunities to immerse yourself in a range of deep dive technical cyber subjects that all focus on giving you the best possible start to your career. You will learn not only how to hack traditional infrastructure and web applications but we will expose you to the rigors of reverse engineering, cryptography and threat intelligence taught by our seasoned principal security consultants who hold the highest industry qualifications and accreditations.

An Innovative Approach… At Nettitude you will be immersed in an environment where you are taught a robust curriculum through a series of carefully planned modules of foundation, core and advanced topics, giving you the ability to start your career as a security consultant off on the right foot. Many junior consultants learn how to hack without the understanding of how this applies to the world of finance, defence or business in general. Or how it would impact a company’s ability to detect, defend or respond. At Nettitude you will learn how to hack with a real world perspective.


Nettitude Accelerator Scheme: What can I expect?

  • Learn and progress through our comprehensive cyber assurance training scheme, leading to sitting the widely respected OSCP exam
  • Experience group based penetration testing, working alongside some of the most highly experienced and qualified testers in the country
  • Work experience within each of our core teams: •Security Assurance (Penetration testing) •Security Operations Centre (SOC) •Cyber Threat Intelligence •Incident response and malware analysis
  • Spend time within our Research & Innovation Department, working with and on projects directly related to Nettitude’s core mission and your personal interests.
  • Spend time working directly with client relationships through our sales and account managers.
  • No week is the same within Nettitude’s cyber security accelerator scheme!  Each week is different and the approach, subjects, pace and style are deliberately changed to ensure you can adapt and progress to your best potential during the Accelerator Programme. These are all backed up with practical workshops, hands on real world experience, shadowing, project work and as time progresses, attending on site engagements. Towards the end you will also be given the opportunity to lead engagements with real clients under the supervision and guidance of senior consultants.
  • What happens at the end of the 7 month programme? On successful completion of the Accelerator Programme you will be a fully-fledged Cyber Security Consultant working within our information assurance and penetration testing team


Person Requirements:

The Accelerator Scheme is designed for career changers, graduates or anyone who wishes to get a head start in the cyber security industry.  After months of intensive bespoke training, you’ll start to get involved in delivery and be on your way towards a long and fruitful career with Nettitude.

Our Accelerator Scheme is designed with the following in mind:

  • It’s for graduates, career changers and anyone else who is looking to enter the offensive side of the cyber security industry.  No professional penetration testing experience required!
  • We select individuals based on a number of data points that favour strong aptitude and a credible interest in the industry.

Individuals who can demonstrate credible interest often have one or more of the following.  This is not an exhaustive list, nor is every feature mandatory:

  • Have completed a degree, course or certification in something cyber security related.
  • Write a blog related to cyber security
  • Can demonstrate motivation and self development, perhaps through a home lab setup with vulnerable machines, having competed in CTFs, or similar
  • Belong to a security focused group, e.g. at university, or in the wider industry (e.g. OWASP chapter participation, etc.)
  • Have attended or contributed to community conferences in some way
  • Contribute to software projects, potentially including their own small projects

…and many other examples of credible interest!


Location of Role: Leamington Spa, Warwickshire


How to apply:

To proceed with your application, please sign up for an account on the Nettitude Accelerator Scheme CTF here:



You must read and abide by the rules of engagement and dive in.

For all flags corresponding to VM based challenges, you need to submit a write-up as well. This write-up will be a text file containing a brief description of how you managed to get the flag. Non VM-based challenges do not require a write-up.


You can submit a write-up even if you didn’t get the flag; we appreciate the thought process, not only arriving to the destination and getting the flag. Whilst we encourage people to put their wits against all the challenges we have on offer, completion of all is not required to be considered for the programme.


We will be reviewing candidates’ submissions weekly and will contact those who are successful via e-mail to invite them in for one of our recruitment assessments.

Rules of engagement

All rules are specified on our CTF system; you must read and abide by them.

The labs.nettitude.com website and all associated infrastructure (e.g. CTF registration server, etc) are strictly out of scope.  The system clearly states what is in scope.

If you encounter any issues, please contact an admin at:


Submit your application

The CTF system allows you to submit your CV, flags and challenge write ups etc.  Just follow the instructions over at:


Good luck!

Job Segment: Engineer, Consulting, Curriculum, Database, Engineering, Technology, Education, Research