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Director of Evidence and Insight

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Date: 07-Mar-2019

Location: London, GB

Company: Lloyds Register

Role purpose:


This is a hugely exciting time for the Foundation.  We will introduce a new Strategy in 2019 and increase our ambition and our impact in the world.  A key part of the delivery of our new strategy will be to establish a new Evidence and Insight Centre.  The Centre will provide international leadership in the analysis, visualisation and communication of data and other safety evidence.  It will provide the Foundation with evidence of the impact of its own work, and evaluate the impact of the work done by others to improve global safety.  It will fund new research programmes and publish a ‘Global Safety Outlook’. 


As the new Director of Evidence and Insight you will be part of the leadership of the Foundation.  You will build a team and the establish programmes to help the Foundation achieve its vision.  You will provide leadership to an international community bringing evidence and intellectual power to the way we all think about safety.


This is a newly-created senior level post in the Foundation to build and lead a team focusing on two tasks:


  • To source, analyse, visualise and communicate data and other safety evidence, in line with the Foundation’s mission.  To publish an annual:  Global Safety Outlook
  • To provide the Foundation with evidence on the impact of its own work and to evaluate the impact of the work others undertake to improve global safety.


The role will provide visible leadership in building an evidence base for global safety and will develop the Foundation’s strategy and plans for safety evidence and insight.


The Foundation wishes to make evidence-based decisions to better target and prioritise resources and make a greater societal impact. The role will build on the start already made by the Foundation team on identifying and understanding such evidence (the Global Safety Outlook and the published Global Safety Challenges report are examples of such work). It will support the Foundation’s ‘Challenge-led’ strategy by providing targeted insight on some of the worlds largest safety challenges.  The role will also take responsibility for the impact framework and theory of change methodology developed and implemented by the Foundation, designing appropriate fit-for-purpose evaluation methodologies and measures. 


The post will build and publish an evidence base to build understanding of ‘what works’ regarding safety interventions.   This will build on insight from both the Foundation’s own experience and from others addressing safety.  It will also look at good design, monitoring and evaluation practice from other sectors (for example medical and social interventions).  This evidence based approach will lead to better interventions (grant giving and direct charitable activities) through better design of the Foundation’s own work and the work of others. 


The role will operate across the full lifecycle of Foundation grants and direct charitable activities from setting strategic priorities through to reviewing grant applications including their theory of change, and the monitoring of their outcomes and ultimate benefit to society.


It is intended that the Foundation’s evidence base will grow to become a major global asset and a differentiator for the Foundation’s work in the global community. Not only will it play a major internal role in enabling the Foundation to make better decisions, it will also position the Foundation as the recognised, independent, trusted, authoritative source of data, insight and analysis on world safety’, including trends, projections and ‘hotspots’, as well as important evidence of what works. The role fulfils a key part of the Foundation’s strategic intent to become more challenge and evidence focussed and will be a senior level appointment to the Foundation’s leadership team. The role will have executive responsibility for a small team but will have functional responsibility and influence acting as critical friend for the design and monitoring of much of the Foundation’s grant-related portfolio, and to the identification and monitoring of our Challenge led strategy.


Key Responsibilities:


  1. Take operational responsibility for all Foundation work relating to data sourcing, analysis, visualisation and communication.   
  2. To provide the Foundation with evidence on the impact of its own work and to evaluate the impact of the work others undertake to improve global safety. 
  3. To lead and publish the Global Safety Outlook.
  4. To lead the evaluation of the Foundation’s own grants and direct charitable activities and to provide advice (including to Foundation colleagues and to grant holders) on appropriate monitoring and impact frameworks.  To act as critical friend in reviewing grant applications to ensure they are designed properly to achieve their outcome and that the theory of change is clear and achievable.
  5. To manage a programme of grants and contracts associated with safety data and impact evaluation.
  6. To produce the dashboard and reporting of outcomes and impact of Foundation grants
  7. To work with the Director of Operations to ensure that the necessary Foundation policies are written and in place and to benchmark the Foundation against others in the charity sector including learning from others of what works.
  8. To act as an ambassador for the Foundation and specifically to build the reputation and brand of the Foundation as the owner of its evidence base of world safety and evaluation.
  9. To identify future collaborators and influencers that the Foundation needs to work with to build coalitions of support around global safety evidence and the Foundation’s strategic themes, challenges, programmes and projects

Play a key role as a member of the Foundation leadership team on the overall running of the Foundation and its success. 

Job Segment: Research

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